Coffee Capsule Innovation

Dual Aluminum Capsule

Our capsules have aluminum on both ends. This allows for a more consistent pour each time you make an espresso. In contrast, other roasters will use hard plastic capsules which are just that... hard & plastic. This makes it more difficult for the prongs inside your Nespresso machine to pierce the back of the capsule, which can result in a watered down espresso... or worse, no espresso at all.

Air Tight Seal

After roasting we enclose your fresh coffee in a dual aluminum capsule that is hermetically sealed. The process we use is pretty fancy and virtually offsets all oxygen within the capsule. This keeps the coffee as fresh as the day we roasted it.

Why is it important? If you buy Nespresso capsules and can smell the coffee when you open the box, it means it hasn't been hermetically sealed. That makes for a sad espresso.

Fully Recyclable

Our dual aluminum capsule is made of plastic and aluminum foil.

The plastic in our capsule is BPA free and both the plastic capsule & aluminum foil are recyclable.

Authentic Espresso Comes Down to the Extraction

Our cutting edge dual aluminum capsule ensures a fresh & delicious espresso with every shot.

Our Pursuit of Innovation

Capsule innovation is at the heart of what we do everyday. Our capsule is a key part of what helps bring to life the unique regions of Colombia.

From bean to cup, it's a critical part of our coffees' journey. We are committed to innovations that help deliver an accurate representation of the coffee notes found across Colombia.